Asience Treatment Oil 110Ml 2 Types

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Shake to work with, 2-layer variety. Hair bodily maintenance that was not possible with 1-layer oil. Each and every time you make use of it, it fills as much as the inside and will make your hair shiny. A light surface area therapy oil (protection) coats the hair surface. A lustrous essence which often allows heavy penetration to correct and also moisturize the hair. Hard for those that have firm tresses that can feel uncomfortable and untidy. Very soft for very soft hair that can feel stiff and tangled. How to use: Shake the oil and also essence well. Put on an appropriate amount to hair after towel drying and hair which is dry. One 500-yen coin for semi-long tresses. The next morning, for glossy hair with a delicate touch that is really easy to style. Adjust just how much to take advantage of in accordance with the length along with degree of hair, the condition of the hair, along with the surface texture. Be certain to cap after use. After shaking, it takes a bit of time to split into two layers, but there is simply no problem with quality.

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